Instagram allows to create new posts from Desktop

It seems like as of today (late night 23rd of June or early morning 24th of June depending on where you live) Instagram is testing the possibility for users to post from desktop via browser.

It’s not active in all accounts, in fact in my personal account is not available, while on the official Lnk.Bio account it is.

The new feature presents itselft as a “plus” button located in the top-right corner of the page, between the messenger and explore icons. See how it looks below:

Instagram adds a “Create Post” button on its Desktop version

After clicking the button, a modal window opens up with the possibility to upload photos or videos. Here’s how it looks:

Instagram adds the possibility to upload photos/videos from Desktop

Unfortunately the feature doesn’t seem to be 100% rolled out, as uploading any image or video triggers an infinite colorful loading bar and nothing more (see below:)

Uploading is broking on the new post creation on Instagram Desktop

I’ve checked and seems like there are a few JS errors, probably due to a test release that is still being worked out, or maybe a caching issue on their CDNs. See the errors below:

Errors while trying to upload

Hopefully Instagram will fix these shortly and we can see how the full process of creating new posts on Instagram desktop works! Especially, I’m curious to see if it allows advanced features like adding shopping tags, user tags etc…




Co-founder @Lnk.Bio — Developing stuff on the Web since 2003

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Andrea Olivato

Andrea Olivato

Co-founder @Lnk.Bio — Developing stuff on the Web since 2003

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