10 Best Homebrew formulas for Web developers

Andrea Olivato
2 min readDec 26, 2020


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Homebrew is the first software I always Install on any MAC machine. I think it gives me the feeling to be back on my beloved Linux box, with APT or YUM. It’s definitely not the same thing, but you know us nostalgic.

Nostalgia aside, I wanted to summarise a collection of favourite formulas (and casks) that I find super useful for my daily tasks, specifically thinking about a daily developer life.

*EMP (Nginx, Mysql, PHP) Stack

Homebrew allows a very quick deployment of a *EMP stack, which I prefer compared to a container or virtual environment.

brew install nginx php mysql

Configuration files are located in /usr/local/etc/ and configuration is the same as a Linux box.

What I love is that formulas are updated very quickly, PHP 8.0 was available on homebrew just a few days after the stable release.


Who doesn’t need to use AWS on a daily basis to optimise/deploy stuff or simply monitor their infrastructure?

brew install awscli


Can’t live without them.

brew install curl wget


Incredibly useful to quickly transfer files across different cloud services. Personally, I’ve used to backups S3 buckers to Google Drive or replicate S3 buckets into Azure and it works splendidly.

brew install rclone


Great command-line utility to enforce coding standards. Easily integrated into deploy flows or simply in your favourite editor, in my case Sublime.

brew install php-cs-fixer

Another alternative I tested and liked is phpcbf which you can install via composer

composer global require squizlabs/php_codesniffer


Stripe CLI is incredibly useful for monitoring of activities, frauds, and automated tests/reporting. The Webhook listener is also very handy.

brew install stripe


HTOP is a great improvement of top, which I use everywhere, from DEV servers to my own laptop. I know it’s not as modern as ytop but I got used to it and can’t get to change.

brew install htop



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